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Après les animations à tomber mort, les centaines d'interjections différentes pour chaque personnage, voici les expressions faciales selon la situation :

Other new additions include more facial animations for the rag-tag band of survivors. We take a moment to watch an attendee play as Zoe, the lone female survivor. As she unleashes a hale of fire from her gun into a mob of infected she grits her teeth and has a "come get some" look on her face. Her expression then changes to one of noticeable unhappiness of the overall situation as she runs down an empty street. As she makes her way into a building she looks around and is clearly spooked. Suddenly, dozens of infected appear and swarm her and you can see the fear on her face. As starts to get overwhelmed you can see the look of desperation set in before the inevitable happens. Zoe isn't alone, each character is incredibly expressive and the effect really makes them feel like living, breathing people.

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