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 Commentaire du brave Jarek

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Sex Machine
The banisher
Sex Machine
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Pour cloturer l'énorme sujet sur les amélioration du gameplay, Jarek nous dit ceci :

1.IRON SIGHTS - the worst problem is, that in the evening before the demo, we (in a good will) added "nice" smokes to the weapons. It seemed to be fine, after the demo was gone, we have realized, that you can't see anything behind that smoke (specially SMG).
Also the animations (and the aiming poses) are not final. There is still work and tweaking in front of us.

2.SOUNDS - again, the soudns are not final. We knew it, but we really had to release the demo for getting more feedback. I hope you will be happy with the sounds in the final game.

3.VOICES - we havn't the final speech at the time of the demo, they will be included in the final game

4.BLUR EFFECT - already gone from the sniper scope (before you told us..), I am not sure about the HIT blur effect, but it's on the "list".

There is another MP demo going to be released. It will appear on next issue of magazines covermount cd/dvd. This demo was created more time ago than the online demo. Thus the sound and animations are even worst there, but you will don't have the blur effect and also the smokes/muzzle. Important thing is that this covermount demo have different map, which is more playable than Trail. (our original plan was release that demo long time ago, but you know, that publishers have their own head...)

Soldat Inconnu
Je mords !
Soldat Inconnu
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En ce qui concerne le son, je pense que nous voilà rassurés !
Les voix seront donc bien ajoutés dans la version finale, ouf.
Que de bonnes nouvelles tout ça

Bourrins ! Quelle est votre métier ? AHOU ! AHOU ! AHOU !
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Nos principales inquietudes sont rassurées...


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