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Sex Machine
The banisher
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 14:43:16               


Death or Glory
Modéro Bourrin
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 16:38:24               

Patch v1.20 (86Mo)

Au milieu de la très longue liste des modifications apportées par cette mise à jour, on retiendra principalement la présence de nouvelles cartes multi-joueurs inédites ("DM_Fallen1" et "DM_Fallen2"), un meilleur support des mods, une amélioration générale des armes et de multiples corrections de bugs.

source: Clubic

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Death or Glory
Modéro Bourrin
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 17:30:08               

le patch ne fais pas no cd

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Death or Glory
Modéro Bourrin
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 18:20:20               

Copier collé du readme

6. Version 1.20 Updated Information

1.20 Painkiller Update - A variety of game enhancements, changes, and bug
fixes have been implemented in the 1.20 version of the game. They include
all updates from previous versions of Painkiller including the 1.15 update:

1.15 Multiplayer improvements and fixes:
- NEW: new map, DM_Cursed
- NEW: full warmup mode for TDM and PCF modes, partial warmup for
- NEW: demo recording and playback incl. time control (slow down/speed up)
- NEW: spectator mode with 3 different views: FPS/TPP/Free
- NEW: voting system, including map change, kickbans, etc.
- NEW: experimental prediction code ("prediction"/"pushlatency"
- NEW: server info incl. map/mode/fps/etc. info;
- NEW: clearer info when getting "Gamespy Key in use or bad"
- NEW: now when the player shoots at the enemy wearing Invincibility
he will hear enemy's "shield" sound
- NEW: Powerup Drop and Powerups options now added
- NEW: players can commit suicide with "KILL" command
- NEW: remaining time info displayed now every minute
- NEW: players can now switch between spec/play mode either via console
command or by hitting Space when in Spec mode
- NEW: players can switch the team during the game (stats will be reset)
- NEW: info what MP map is being loaded
- NEW: stats music added
- NEW: "Disconnect" option in the menu
- NEW: players can see their fps via "showfps" command
- CHANGE: improved respawning logic
- CHANGE: BrightSkins are On by default now
- CHANGE: with BrightSkins On, player model in PLAYER SETUP now shows
as non-BrightSkin
- CHANGE: players can now play LAN sessions with no access to the Internet
- CHANGE: private server with no Internet access is now visible in LAN
- CHANGE: redesigned items/respawns on several maps
- CHANGE: clients now get vertical speed boost when respawning in PCF mode
- CHANGE: players cannot abuse ElectroDisc during Voosh and other
- CHANGE: ElectroDriver beams are more optimized
- FIX: teamskins are now correctly displayed for the new players
- FIX: exploding barrels now correctly remove frags from the dead player
instead of adding them to the enemy
- FIX: now Electro beam actually works when fired near the enemy and then
moved onto him (previously in such situation the beam did 0 damage)
- FIX: rockets do not appear like they bounce off the ground sometimes
- FIX: numerous sound fixes (eg. PainKiller pain sounds, ElectroDisc
sounds, chaingun loop etc.)
- FIX: clients now see PainKiller's beam
- FIX: SayTeam now works correctly
- FIX: lava now does damage on when server is dedicated
- FIX: taking Invincibility no longer crashes clients
- FIX: loading wrong level issue fixed
- FIX: clients using PainKiller on walls no longer can be heard on server
- FIX: fake model exploit removed
- FIX: ElectroDriver autoaim exploit removed
- FIX: holding Forward during respawn now works correctly
- FIX: players now can hear enemy's jump sounds
- FIX: next/previous weapon keys now work properly
- FIX: team score is now stored even if a player drops the game
- FIX: Rage/WM bearer's sounds can be heard by the client now
- FIX: spectator were not able to go through teleports
- FIX: speccing quad no longer gives blue flickering
- FIX: TAB during warmup stops the player now
- FIX: dedicated server remembers map/mode configs
- FIX: map/callvote map change displays the map name correctly
- FIX: callvote kick no longer crashes the dedicated server
- FIX: typing KILL in spectator mode crashed ded.server

1.15 Singeplayer improvements and fixes:
- NEW: benchmarking system for both graphic cards and processors
- NEW: patching system with supporting .dat files
- CHANGE: gamma correction/brightness/contrast setup now works via a slider
- CHANGE: gamma correction is saved correctly now
- CHANGE: Demon Morph frags now more spectacular
- CHANGE: players can bind all keys now (like numpad Enter etc.)
- CHANGE: amputee in the Town level now has his own sound fx
- CHANGE: witch no longer "shakes" while flying
- CHANGE: special red souls have now their own sound
- CHANGE: music no longer plays during Demon Morph/Haste
- CHANGE: CD start-up dialogues improved
- FIX: starting new SP game after MP session no longer results in a
random blinking screen
- FIX: savegames with Executioner firing beams
- FIX: savegames with an objects thrown by the enemy
- FIX: script error when the player kills PsychoElectro on the electric chair
- FIX: Prison's PsychoElectro had no electric beams after load
- FIX: players with Last Breath card now cannot survive when they jump into
the water/jump out of the level
- FIX: Babel's stones now always hurt the player
- FIX: numerous smaller bugs

1.20 Multiplayer and Singleplayer improvements and fixes:
- NEW: redesigned and much improved prediction code (better prediction +
less processor power required)
- NEW: two new maps: DM_FALLEN1 (for 2x2 and FFA) and DM_FALLEN2 (for 1x1)
- NEW: fully customizable weapon setup (each weapon module can have separate
- NEW: added better mod support (e.g. for Chains.Mod), e.g. pak file format
fixes, free key binding (commands/messages), etc.
- NEW: option to switch the weapon along with primary/secondary fire switch
- NEW: added info about specs not being able to vote
- NEW: forced break added (e.g. when 1 player leaves during 1x1 fight)
- NEW: added various server start-up and configuration options for easier
server maintenance
- NEW: added optional, variable weapon respawn timing ('Cfg.WeaponRespawnTime')
- NEW: players list now includes special player id (useful for kicking
players with weird names)
- NEW: stats music added
- CHANGE: Chaingun does slightly less damage/knockback and no longer shocks
the enemy
- CHANGE: Electro does more damage/knockback and shocks the enemy
- CHANGE: Shotgun now has 24 pellets (previously 12), increased total damage
- CHANGE: Driver now shoots shurikens two times faster
- CHANGE: teleport now reduces the player's extra speed by 50%
- FIX: clients should no longer crash at the end of the game
- FIX: client no longer crashes in rare instances when dying of Electro shocks
- FIX: exiting the game no longer alters reverb setting on SB Audigy
- FIX: "Disconnect" during demo playback now works correctly
- FIX: fx of electro-disk are now displayed correctly
- FIX: telefrag during warm-up no longer gives the player max ammo
- FIX: spectators now can see the score at the end of the game
- FIX: quad fx in now properly precached
- FIX: weapon pickup after respawn now works correctly
- FIX: deleting saves from autosaves tab now works correctly
- FIX: "Fire Best Custom" function now works correctly
- FIX: changing player name while in a game no longer resets player's
connected time on scoreboard
- FIX: Callvote map change: voting no longer carries over after new map loads
- FIX: game no longer binds to the first IP on multiple IP machines for
listen servers (‘+interface’ in the command line now works properly).
- FIX: player name no longer can exceed character limit
- FIX: specs no longer count as players in the browser info
- FIX: no more rare instances of map double-loading
- FIX: sometimes a player could see an item already taken by someone else
- FIX: dozens of smaller additions/bugfixes for both multi and singleplayer

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Sex Machine
The banisher
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 19:38:43               

Pfff, il y n'a pas de read me en français! (amateurs)

Death or Glory
Modéro Bourrin
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 20:58:43               

Traduisez donc très cher...

Seuls meurent ceux qui doutent...
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Sex Machine
The banisher
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   Posté le 12-06-2004 à 22:46:42               

Plus tard peut-être!

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